Areas of Practice
The Goff, Conway-Spatola Law Group counsels clients in all aspects of estate planning as well as represents beneficiaries in probate disputes. Areas of expertise include:
Wills & Probate
We draft and administer wills and codicils as well as represent beneficiaries in probate disputes.
We advise and prepare a wide range of trusts – living, simple, discretionary, interest in possession, charitable etc. – as well as represent trustees and beneficiaries in disputes.
Property Co-ownership
We advise clients on all aspects of joint tenancy, tenancy in common and community property.

Other Beneficiary Designations
We coordinate your estate beneficiary designations such as life insurance proceeds; qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, including 401 (k) plans and IRAs; certain “trustee” bank accounts,; “transfer on death” securities accounts; and “pay on death” assets, such as U.S. savings bonds.
We advise on the naming of a guardian to care for minor children and also manage assets transferred to your children. We handle court procedures for the establishment and maintenance of guardianships. 

We handle court procedures for the establishment and maintenance of conservatorships.

Trustees/Attorneys of Fact
We counsel on the selection of an individual or individuals to care for you and your estate in the event you are incapacitated.

Health Care Directives
We counsel on stipulating your wishes regarding life sustaining treatment, organ donations and other health issues, and empowering an attorney-in-fact to make health care decisions on your behalf in accordance with your instructions.

We counsel on ways to avoid or reduce the estate tax imposed on estates exceeding $2 million. We are also versed in issues of income, gift, property and generation-skipping taxes.

Our attorneys regularly collaborate with other professionals retained by their clients, including financial planners, business advisors, accountants, insurers and brokers

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"The firm certainly eased our anxiety over completing our prenuptual agreement. We were so excited planning our wedding, but when it came to discuss the prenuptual, neither of us wanted to deal with it.  ... as a matter of fact when we arrived in the parking lot, we seriously thought about calling and cancelling our appointment.  Well ,thank heavens we didn't. We were both educated on the importance of a prenuptual, and she also has us started on our estate planning.  We walked out of very relieved and much better equipped to plan for our future. Michelle was amazing, she actually had us laughing, and put us at ease immediately.   Thank you for lightening up this situation. "
~ Judie B., RN, MN
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