"Our firm's Vision is to provide exceptional personalized services tailored to each client's unique situation; and to create a firm that emphasizes balance between work and family life."
     We founded the Goff, Conway-Spatola Law Group in order to create flexibility in our personal lives for our growing young families.  We decided to move forward on this venture because we believe that the best possible service to a client can only be achieved when there is balance between work life and personal life. 

     We want our clients to feel like they are the only client.  Therefore, we take the time to listen carefully and explain clearly and completely all options available for their unique situation in a relaxed environment.  To achieve the above goal, we created an environment where we have flexibility to spend quality time with a client on a particular issue and make determinations related to that case; because, our firm has chosen to emphasize two main goals.  First, client attention and satisfaction is our premier objective rather than exceeding billable hourly goals and meeting revenue requirements; and second we emphasize balance in our employee's personal lives rather than "doing time at the office" for the sake of generating billings.  As a result, not only do we enjoy work life, but also our employees enjoy working at our firm.

   Ultimately, our interactions with our clients are not one-time transactions, but lasting relationships.  The estate planning attorney often becomes viewed as the family attorney.  The go to person when a legal question arises, because our services are not sought as a defense, but rather as a genuine desire to protect loved ones when we pass away.  We encourage our clients to think of us as their situations in life change, and believe the firm culture we have created reinforces our intention and goals and results in long lasting relationships with our clients.
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"I knew from personal experience that having a trust was very important. A few years ago my father passed away unexpectedly, but he did have his affairs in order through a trust. This made a very difficult time for our family much easier. Having a trust was especially important for us because my partner and I have young children. It's something we've known we should do for a while - one  of those chores you know is good for you, but you keep on the back burner.

Well, now that our trust has been created and all of our paperwork is in order, we can rest easy knowing we have made life easier for each other and our family should the worst happen."
~ Sharon and Denise
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