They Say You Can't Take it With You...
Exactly why you need to make sure it ends up where & with whom you want it....
Whether your assets are diverse or concentrated, modest or vast, shared in marriage, kinship or domestic partnership, you can rely on the attorneys of the Goff, Conway-Spatola Law Group for the professional guidance you need. All matters undertaken by our firm are handled or overseen closely by firm founders Michelle A. Goff, a specialist in estate planning certified by the State Bar of California and Mauriah Conway-Spatola.
We believe every client is unique and that building client trust begins with listening carefully and explaining clearly and completely all options available. Whether your situation calls for estate planning or probate court advocacy, we offer you the experience, expertise and individual attention necessary to achieve your goals.
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Safeguard Your Family's Future
Re-evaluate Your Current Estate Plan
Estate Planning for D0mestic Partnerships
Who is better situated to choose who will provide for your young children if you were to die: someone of your choosing or the court? Plan now while you can.
Your estate plan should be reviewed every couple of years to ensure it still fits your situation. (ie: are your beneficiaries the same and do you still trust your back up Trustee/ Executor?)
Do you know what rights your significant other has in the event of your death or incapacity?
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"Michelle handled the probate for my father's estate. She did such a wonderful job and was extremely helpful any time we had questions. We had problems with the mortgage company not accepting the insurance money to pay off the house and spent hours on the phone with them. I told Michelle what was going on and she called them the same day. One phone call from her was all it took! They faxed papers over to her office before the week was up. I truly could never thank her enough for helping us with the probate and being so caring."
~ Jessica S.